Well since its all about number 9, here are my 9 wishes :
  1. Planning to have a baby. First, prepare myself to be emotionally present and available for the baby all the time (checked). Must have a post-baby financial plan (still in progress). Start eating healthy food (hahaha this is sooo hard especially when you work at Senayan City, damn there are so many mouth-watering resto, mostly the fast food company).
  2. Buy a new camera. I want the EOS 500D, but I think 450D is a whole lot cheaper. Anyway 450D is value for money and I can use the spare cash towards a quality lens.
  3. Take another honeymoon. A beautiful beach for sure. Phuket here we come. Me and my husband have been planning this trip for the longest time.
  4. Open a new bank account. Lucky me, today OCBC NISP bank officer went to my office, she offers a promotion for a new saving account. So if I deposit IDR 500.000/ 1.000.000 today, I'll get a Lock&Lock package worth IDR 150.000. Wohoo I'm definitely going to open a new account.
  5. Being a better wife. Well I reflected on my behavior a lot, not like I'm some bad girl or anything, I just needed to be a better wife for him, being a good listener and not to be defensive. Yes dear, I'll try to do my best.
  6. Exercise at least once a week. 2 weeks ago, Puma shoes on sale, 50% off. I bought this pair of running shoes because it is so cheap and also I think I need to lose some weights. After the wedding I've gained 2 kg, s***. Some people said "Are you pregnant, you look a lil bit fat", ghrrr..
  7. Take my husband to SeaWorld. Haha I have no idea why he has never been to SeaWorld.
  8. Buy Jamie Oliver's new cook book for my mom. Yes she loveesss Jamie so much. She always amazed by the way Jamie cooks. Yeah I know Mom, he's handsome and a great chef, what a complete package.
  9. My hubby get his dream job. I know he is a lil bit confused about what he really want to do for the next 10 years. Keep praying Bib, and you'll find the answer.
That's it. 09/09/09 - with 9 wishes.