The Basics
Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Black with a lil bit brown

Height: 173

Profession: Multimedia Designer

Relationship Status: Married

Religious Views: Islam
My Favorites
Favorite Color: Fluorescence colours

Favorite Car: CR-V

Favorite Movie: Gosh I dunno, mostly action and sci-fi

Favorite Hobby: Senayan City XXI sampe semua studio

Favorite Song/Singer: Nona Sari WSATCC

Favorite Book/Author: Dongeng anak sebelum tidur

Favorite School Subject: Art

Favorite Vacation Destination: Every cozy corner of the earth

Favorite Food: Sushi, pastry and pasta

Favorite Restaurant: Sushi Tei

Favorite Animal: Allergic to animal

Favorite Store: Toko sebelah

Favorite Childhood Friend: Uul and Polly Pocket

Favorite Childhood Memory: Walking with my Dad every Sunday morning

Favorite Baby Name: Yang ada huruf F-nya

Favorite Person In Your Life: Mr. Bibib
This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla smells good, you get tired of the chocolate smell easily

Big Mac or Whopper: Whopper with cheese tastier than anything McDonald's offers

Coke or Pepsi : Peep Show?

Coffee or Tea: Teaaa, I don't like the smell of coffee

Apple Juice or O.J.: Miss O.J.

Facebook or MySpace: Facebook sounds fun

Summer or Winter: Summer. I have an allergic reaction to cold temperature

Windows or Mac: WinMac

Cats or Dogs: Both

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers are kewl, I think :p

Rain or Shine : Rainy Days :)

Salty or Sweet: Manis manja group

Morning or Night: I have insomnia, so I chose Morning

Movie or Play: Moviessssss and moviesss

Walk or Drive: Drive and singing really loud when I'm driving alone

Money or Love: Uf krus Luv, money can't buy love dear

Breakfast or Dinner: Breakdance ada ga?

Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgiveness!!

Paint or Wallpaper: Wallpepa' especially the retro themes

House or Apartment: House with a large backyard
Do You?
Have Any Children: Soon (Amiinn)

Exercise: I'm such a lazy person, dooh'

Belong To Any Organizations: Balada Dharma Wanita

Love Your Job: I dooo (ew I guess)

Like To Cook: Yes

Play An Instrument: Not anymore, well I used to play piano

Sing: Bathroom singer la la la

Dance: Dance with me darling!

Speak Multiple Languages: Bahasa tubuh? Kedip mata? Bahasa isyarat waktu nyontek tukeran jawaban?

Swim: Paporit Sport dah kalau ini

Paint: Yes, paint your heart ya Bib hahaha

Write: Blog Ngasal
Have You Ever
Got Caught Telling A Lie: Yeah

Got A Speeding Ticket: Tunjukin ID card kantor aja

Been Arrested: Neverrr

Littered: Pssttt sumtimes

Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Hahahaha been there done that

Cheated On A Test: Contekan difotokopi dan dikecilin 70%

Eaten Food Off The Floor: Belum 1 menit mah gpp

Stuck Gum Under A Desk: Jorook, ieeww

Wished You Were Someone Else: Yes, maybe Angelina Jolie

Cried During A Movie: Sering banget sampai heran kenapa gitu?
Describe Yourself In One Word: Extrovert tp pemalu yang suka malu-maluin, yah ga jadi satu kata deh

Biggest Fear: Losing someone

Biggest Mistake: Had a fling with him, sigh silly me

Your Proudest Accomplishment: Graduating at early 21 was definitely worth it

#1 Priority In Your Life: My family

Dream Job: Digital Imaging Artist and Movie Maker also a busy mom

Special Talents: Tidur kaya kodok, hebat ga?

Where Are You Right Now: Office

Where Would You Rather Be: Maldives

Famous Person You Want To Meet: Adam and Eve

Place To Visit Before You Die: Mecca