How to understand Nikon lenses
There are many abbreviations used in Nikon lenses. It is rather confusing for beginners. The following is a list of abbreviations to understand Nikon digital SLR lenses:

VR means “vibration reduction”. VR is especially important for long telephoto lenses and for low light photography. Lenses with VR allow you to take sharp photos at much slower shutter speeds.

“ED” means “extra-low dispersion” glass, a higher quality glass that reduces chromatic aberration.

“IF” means internal focus. The lens with IF does not change length when focusing

“DX” are Nikon’s lenses that only work on its small-sensor digital SLR bodies such as Nikon D90

“FX” refers to the full frame sensor. Such as Nikon D700

“G” lenses don’t have an aperture ring. The G lenses don’t work on older bodies.

AF-S is “silent wave motor”. An AF-S lens has a built-in ultrasonic motor which can focus faster and more quietly.


Check your serial numbers
Disini untuk D5000
atau Nikon tipe lainnya disini
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Download the manual book
User's manual - D5000 (pdf)

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