Last weekend we're having a small bbq lunch at Anyer, celebrating my hubby's datuk-Mr. Abdul Muis Hamid bday. It was a rainy Sunday morning when he took me out to the fish shop around 7 a.m. Well it was an honor for me when datuk actually asked me if I could accompany him, he said that he wants me to take some pictures, because he knew that I always carry my camera with me everywhere I go. After shopping, he showed me around where his boat home-ported.

The lunch was successfully made our stomach full. Datuk who never eat rice, at that moment had a little portion on his plate, he said because he's so happy, people are gathering on his birthday.

In the end, I had a marvellous weekend. Not only because of the short holiday, but also for the story behind my pictures that captured datuk's new day at 76. Thank you for all the inspiration that you've shared with us, tuk. The spirit will always be remain in my mind.

And thank you hubby for being such a great driver, hihi (I still can't believe it, 3 hours of driving but you didn't even get tired at all, meanwhile I was complaining on Twitter all the way home, my butt hurts from sitting too much :p).

Datuk's villa
Fish shop
Enjoying the superb sightsDatuk's weddingDatuk's phone, he's quite into gadget
Currently he's reading this book
Preparing lunch
A gift from Kak Chica-his daughter
Capturing his room
It was his first date with his wife (circa 60's/70's)