Before I post my photos, here are some tips from me. Thailand is a simple country, it's not like in Singapore, too many rules and etc. So if you're planning to go to Thailand, hopefully this will help you.

1. First thing to do when you arrive at the airport, buy AIS prepaid sim card for your Blackberry service in Thailand. The AIS registration is easier than TrueMove.

2. In Bangkok there are already metered taxis that begins from 35 baht (IDR 10.500). Don't forget empty taxis can be recognized by the red light in front of their windshields, and also you can stop a taxi everywhere (in Singapore you have to be at the taxi-stop).

3. The food in Thailand is so cheap and the most important thing it's all delicious, but for muslims beware of pork (ask if it is 'moo' or not, means pork in Thai).
Mostly when you eat in a food hall around shopping centers or malls, it will only cost you 50-100 baht (IDR 15.000-30.000).

Must try food in Thailand
Som Tam (spicy papaya salad), be careful with the super hot spicy one.
Tom Kha Gai (chicken soup with coconut milk), in Indonesia it's more like an Opor Ayam (coconut chicken curry).
Khao Niao (sticky rice), almost like cold rice and hard to chew, but I like it.
Tom Yam Kung (hot & sour soup with seafood), the real Tom Yum soup you can only get in Thailand.
Khao Niao Mamuang (Thai mango with sticky rice), good dessert.
Chao Kuai (grass jelly served with only shaved ice and brown sugar), a refreshing one.
Bhan Kanom (crispy crepes), a very messy snack.
Cha Yen (Thai iced tea).

4. You should find a hotel around the Pratunam and Siam area, if you stay for shopping. It's a big shopping district in Bangkok. Every corner in this area are shops, markets, malls.

5. You should carry pen and notes everywhere you go, it's really helpful, because all the names in Thai are so hard to remember, mostly they look quite similar.

6. Try to explore Bangkok using the BTS Skytrain. Not only it's a fast transportation, also it can help you avoid the traffic jam. Must try the Chao Praya River boats. The fare based on distance, 15 - 25 baht (IDR 4500-7.500). You can visit lots of beautiful sites near the river, like The Grand Palace.

7. Bangkok may not be the warmest city in the world, but based on my experience, Bangkok is very hot and humid. Wear clothes made from cotton. I was sweating a lot in Bangkok, day and even night because of the weather.

8. Do not exchange your Rupiahs for Baht in Thailand. It is better to bring dollars or baht from Indonesia.
In Indonesia IDR 300 = 1 baht, so IDR 1.000.000 = around 3330 baht.
The reality in Bangkok, IDR 1.000.000 = 2000 baht, so you'll lost like IDR 400.000!!.

9. Are you brave enough to travel solo? At first I wasn't sure about travelling by myself. A lil bit scared but actually there's nothing to be scared of. Thailand is so different, not like here in Jakarta. The people are friendly and orderly. You're not going to find "Mas-Mas Tengil" even one. The streets looks safe but just be careful in the night, the atmosphere is so quite.

10. Shopping Centers and Markets open earlier around 7 AM , and remember Markets closed around 4-5 PM, Big Shopping Centres around 8-9 PM.

11. If you have an International Driving License, it will be easy for you to drive a car in Thailand. And if you get a speeding ticket, you can pay the bribe around 50-100 baht (the same thing, like here in Indonesia).

12. All the prices in Thailand are cheap (know how to convert quickly into your own currency), so if you want to bargain, don't be too low, or the seller will 'kick' you. Mostly they'll say, "Find another shops, Madam". Blah!

13. Thai massage is a must, but if you hate gymnastic don't even dare to try. Because it's all about letting someone else do yoga with your body. Presing, pulling, folding, stretching, cracking, ouchhh.

14. Dont forget to bring a folded canvas tote bag. Too many plastic bags will kill you, period. I always have my tote bag inside my bag, so if I had too many plastic bag in my hands, simply put everything there, and also if I have to go to big malls like Siam Paragon, you're not going to be embarassed.

15. Tuk-Tuk is more expensive than taxi. So if you just want to try, it's okay, but not for daily transportation (bajaj vs taksi, in Jakarta).

16. Food centers always use coupon and card. So you have to go to the counter first and deposit your money, after that you can take a look around and pay using coupon and card (in Jakarta it is like Urban Kitchen, but you have to deposit some amount of money first, it's unlimited). Don't forget to refund your money after you finished.

17. All of my taxi driver cannot speak English, and it's hard to explain everything. Even Left, Right or Stop, he just don't understand. Use your hand if you want to point something out (map in Thai & English language might be very useful).

18. Dress properly if you plan to visit cultural sites. No legging, because that's what happened to me. They stopped me at the front gate, and they said I have to wear pants or skirt.

19. Shopping in Thailand might make you forget about excess baggage. My luggage is overweight around 7 kgs, and I had to pay around 1200 baht (IDR 360.000), also because of that I had to carry my other heavy bag, sigh.

20. Last but not least. Travelling without planning is not a good idea, so whether you're planning to have a tour or not, just remember, you already know what to do in Thailand. Surf the Google so you can find out interesting places in Thailand. Make a simple itinerary.

Bonus Tips :
This is my favorite shopping destinations in Bangkok, from the cheapest to the not even cheap.
Chatuchak Weekend Market (Saturday and Sunday only).
Pratunam Area (Markets and Shops).
Platinum Plaza.
Siam shopping area.
Suan Lum Night Bazaar.
Siam Paragon Mall (esp the Gourmet Market).

Go to the cinema, you'll find some surprising facts. I watched a box office movie, remember do not forget to ask if it is a dubbed film or not, and you'll see what happen next :)

Enjoy your holiday in shopping paradise, Bangkok :)
I spent 8 days in Bangkok, it's almost 30.000 baht for everything (exclude flights).

(A special thank you to Fahdli and Hanifa).

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