Martabak Curry
(kind of thick folded crepe filled with eggs and spices sauce)
'Martabak HAR' is the famous one from Palembang.Pindang Belida/Baung/Patin
A popular menu in Sumatera and Patin fish native habitat is along the Musi River,
that's why Patin is so famous in here.
Pepes Belida/Baung/Patin
Pepes, it means steamed foods wrapped in banana leaves.Fish Satay
Taste like pempek.Spicy Mango Sauce
Juicy and sweet.
Butter Chicken
Although it's not their speciality but it is yummy.
Satang Shrimp
An expensive food but it's a whole lot cheaper than in Jakarta.
Made of fish and sago and served together with a dark, rich sauce called cuka (vinegar).
This is the most famous food from Palembang.
Es Kacang Merah (Red Bean Ice)
Sweet and tasty. Find Es Mamat, the best one you can get here.
Palembang is a city with lots of good food. Well if you plan to have a holiday trip, be prepare with tons of cheap delicacy. Don't forget to try Mie Celor, sorry I forgot to take a pic. Enjoy!