Never thought tweeting about techno stuff would come across my mind, I'm not a techno freak but I do love reading stuff about technology. When I was a lil girl, daddy taught me that I had to understand how quickly technology changes the ways we live and communicate, I'd better catch up with these knowledge if I want to survive better.

Anyway today's tweet menu is techno blabs.
"Do I still need TV? I do. But Youtube is much much better than TV".

"Camera is the most influential thing since we live in digital era. It's not only about capturing moments, it's about life's reminder".

"Somehow talking about digital era makes me happy. I wrote my essay about mobile technology and I felt a sense of connection between them".

"In 2005 I talked about Culture of Mobility & how people lived back in the days, but now it's a whole new perspective on technology adoption".

"Everybody become involved in virtual worlds for a number of reasons. Why? because you need your virtual world to live in 2010".

As I said before it's just my blabs. Enjoy.