How to get there from Jakarta?

By air, Garuda Indonesia (GA 431 and GA 432, Cengkareng - Mataram, around 3 hours), we used this airline and were very pleased. Because of heavy rains at the Jakarta airport last Friday, all flights got delayed, but it was only for 30 minutes, thanks to Garuda (Lion Air had a very long delayed).

After that you need to arrange a car and driver to meet you at the arrivals terminal and take you 45-60 minutes ride to Senggigi, via coastal road to Teluk Nara (too bad we arrived at 11.00 PM so actually there's nothing to see) or via the Monkey Forest road (you can see lot's of monkey on the road, finally there's something we can see on our ride back to the airport).

When you arrive at a small secluded bay, there will be a speedboat that take you to any of the three Gili islands. Don't forget to ask, if there's any speedboat facility offered by the villa. Estimated time at the sea to Gili Trawangan is around 10 minutes.

Wait, the ride is not over yet. As soon as you arrived at Gili island, you must use “Cidomo", Cikat Dokar Motor (vehicle using horse power) to get around locally and reach the villa. It's a bumpy road so you need to be careful and hold on tight.

Finally we arrived at the villa and stayed at "Grasia Lombok". The room was big enough for 4 of us, and the snorkeling sites infront of the villa was spectacular. Check the website

What are the activities you can do at Gili Trawangan?

What we did was Scuba Diving (15 metres) with beautiful corals. It was my first time (with my 3 friends, Nami, Pipit and Emma), all of us were nervous about the dive, my friend Rani already got a diving license, for Hanna and Canti this is the 2nd & 3rd times diving.

The first time I went down with the instructor I got panicked and my friends said my movement down there was EPIC! haha, I had no idea how to breathe using oxygen cylinders, suddenly I had that feeling "I don't wanna try diving anymore". But then after lunch-the second try diving, everything went well. I got a chance to see turtles and yess I had a great diving experience. The dive sites were awesome!!

On the third day, we went Snorkeling off the beach in front of our villa. Thanks to Panasonic underwater camera, I had lots of under the sea picture. We went snorkeling twice and I got really tired after that. Ow I almost forgot, we also had HijabScarf photo session :)

Tempting enough? Why don't you try.

Special Thanks to Hanna, Rani, Nami, Canti, Pipit and Emma.

"Gili Trawangan - Lombok (Indonesia)".

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