Last Sunday, me and hubby went to Bundaran HI on car-free day for the very first time. I kinda shocked when I saw lots of people were out cycling that day (it's like living inside an ants colony, thousands of people flooded the street). Well too bad I had a job to do, it was a photo session with Ms. Dhatu for Casa Elana - a clothing label by me, Mrs. Hanna and Mrs. Anne. Just a bunch of housewives trying to create a business.

Anyway here are some shots that I made and also check out the short movie (if you cannot play the video, please make sure that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player). Next time me and hubby will definitely try going to a car-free day, although we really need to wake up early like 5 in the morning and ready to go, zzzz, at 6 a.m. you need to be at the location, and I can't believe it Jakarta is very hot and humid in the morning.

PS : More photos [here]